Matt Gold

Biography- Matt Gold

Chart-topping and acclaimed singer-songwriter Matt Gold has garnered an engaged international fanbase for his boldly emotive adult contemporary music. For Matt and his fans, the haunting and vulnerable quality of his songs have been symbiotically cathartic, helping both parties to grow through confronting relationship challenges, embracing their true sexual identity, and meeting life’s obstacles through courageous introspection.

His latest EP is euphorically uplifting, it almost functions as a reward for all the soul searching he and his fans have collectively conducted in their musical dialogue. Aptly, he calls it Let It Out.

“The concept for this album is acceptance and exorcising your demons,” the Bloomington, Indiana artist says. “It’s about letting it all out, learning to let go, rising above, and stopping from sabotaging yourself.”

Previously, Matt released the well-received debut Drown Before You Swim. The album’s videos quickly garnered thousands of views, and the album sold briskly on iTunes and Amazon, breaking into's Top 20 Adult Contemporary music downloads for weeks. The album's first single, "Ordinary," reached #13 on the FMQB Adult Contemporary radio play charts. The album continues to earn rave reviews from bloggers, critics, and fans. The Huffington Post says: “For Gold, inspiration is found in key moments in his life's journey.” And The Mirror enthuses: "Gold plays a gentle and pensive piano that carries the easy burden of a velvet voice. There is a steady rain in his lyrics. Sometimes driving and cold. Sometimes a soft warm shower.” Most recently, Let It Out’s leadoff single, “Appreciated,” has charted on the Billboard Hot AC chart, a rare feat for a totally independent artist.

Matt established himself on the singer-songwriter scene through his tireless work ethic, playing shows on college campuses and small venues and building a robust fanbase before releasing his first album. His music resonates with people because of his richly expressive vocals, his sophisticatedly accessible pop sense, and his gorgeous touch on the piano. In addition to his captivating musicality, it’s Matt’s story that hits the heart of his listeners. He grew up an adopted only child into very religious parents, and, within this complex world, bravely came out as being gay.

“A lot of performers have paved the way for me with regards to be openly gay,” Matt says. “For me, it’s all about the music. My goal is to make somebody feel and give them something to nourish their soul.”

Let It Out is Matt’s most accomplished and upbeat release. “All my work has a concept and a different sound because the music is my therapy. As I get happier, so will the music,” he confides. The EP was recorded in Los Angeles with Grammy winning engineer David Bianco and world-renowned drummer, Kenny Aronoff.