Matt Gold


"Gold plays a gentle and pensive piano that carries the easy burden of a velvet voice. There is a steady rain in his lyrics. Sometimes driving and cold. Sometimes a soft warm shower." - Tony Adams in The Mirror magazine

"Matt Gold's voice is anything but 'Ordinary'." -

"Excellent timeless pop arrangements. He sometimes phrases a bit like Donovan, but with a solid voice. The songs are very catchy. They don't have the depth of the lyrics of early gay singer-songwriter Steve Grossman ("Caravan Tonight," LP, Mercury) but few do; Grossman makes one think of Laura Nyro. Could Matt Gold be the modern lovechild of Buzzy Linhart and Ferron?" -'s Editor's Best of 2012 List

"For Gold, inspiration is found in key moments in his life's journey: growing up in a small town as an only child, being adopted, his search for identity, and the experience of being abandoned for being gay. Such themes and more are explored in Gold's debut album, Drown Before You Swim. Tellingly, in its CD format, the album is broken into two discs, Drown and Swim, balancing his darker and lighter elements within." - Huffington Post

"He's handsome and talented, and ready to impart his own experiences on the album. The lyrics have a soulful honesty, complementing the moody music. His voice is rich and full-throated, both when asking for the most as well as offering a more subtle whispered insight." - Howard Stump, Soundtrack to my Day

"In addition to being visually stunning and exceptionally well produced, the video captures the raw essence of the song's message which is sure to resonate with fans of Rufus Wainwright, Tori Amos, and Adele." - review of "Ordinary"