Matt Gold

Phonography - a collection by Matt Gold    


The photographs in PHONOGRAPHY were all taken on a Sony Ericsson Z310A cell phone camera. By utilizing this very streamlined approach and limiting the equipment involved to the single, widely-available instrument, these images reflect the universalizing abilities of a technology most people have stowed away in their pocket. At a cultural crossroads in which technology is augmenting everybody's daily life, and at a moment where there is great focus placed on technology's role in art, this collection of photographs suggests that we all have the tools to capture beautiful visions. Though the work in PHONOGRAPHY is clearly informed by the artist's keen eye, this work does beg the question: Could anyone armed with a cell phone and the interest create personal, high-quality art? This collection highlights how a pervasive technology can serve to democratize and de-fetishize photography. This technology facilitates creative exploration, empowers users to experiment, and enables us to re-envision familiar images and scenes. And it is that transformative power that is the primary focus of the work in PHONOGRAPHY; the ability to see the familiar in an entirely unexpected and fresh way.

In the same way that books that focus on graffiti art, sneaker design, and collectable toy culture have become increasingly popular, PHONOGRAPHY would appeal to a growing audience of book-buyers interested in the art of the everyday. While there is a limited audience accustomed to seeking out more traditional anthologies of artists' work, PHONOGRAPHY has the benefit of not only appealing to those interested in the visual arts, but really to anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of an object that is at this point prolific in our culture.